Game play is by reservation only

Small Package      $275.99* Accomodates 4-6 players Admisson 4000 paintballs All day air Rental equipment One 16 inch pizza Two bottles of soda

Medium Package     $349.99* Accomodates 7-9 players Admisson 6000 paintballs All day air Rental equipment Two 16 inch pizzas Two bottles of soda

Large Package    $449.99* Accomodates 10-14 players Admisson 10,000 paintballs All day air Rental equipment Two 16 inch pizzas Two bottles of soda

Group Rates         We have hosted many Company/Team building/Recreation Groups, etc. Please call or email us to discuss.

Field Admission                                                                        $10.00   Air/Paint Package- initial air fill + 500 paintballs          $19.95*   Target Range- 50 Paintballs                                                       3.00

Marker and Face Mask Rental                                               $10.00   Pod Harness Rental                                                                     $3.00   Paintballs 500/1000/2000                       $18.48/$32.32/$49.00*  

Face Mask Rental                                                                        $3.00 Unlimited  Daily Compressed Air  or CO2                            $9.24* Compressed Air 3500 PSI                                                         $2.99* Compressed Air 4500 PSI                                                         $3.99* CO2 Fill  12oz/16oz/20oz                               $1.99/$2.99/$3.99*

3 hour session discount package $39* includes Admission, Air, Marker, Face Mask and 500 paintballs

*prices are plus sales tax

Field play is by reservation. Field is available anytime during daylight hours by reservation (subject to referee availability). For smaller groups, we can usually pair you with other groups on Saturday mornings (call us to arrange). All other times, Large Package or above is needed to secure reservation. Please call, email or you may use our on-line reservation system (click book event). Please book 72 hours in advance for your reservation.

Players MUST be at least 10 years of age to play organized paintball games.

Waivers are required

Other awesome activities at Wood'n Wheel can be added to an event at Action Paintball. Please see the Attractions Page. Paintball must be the last activity of the day.