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Combination Specials with
indoor/outdoor actives*

VIP Wristband $29.00 ($$ SAVE  $$ Pre-Buy for $26!)
Skating,  Aero Ball, 1 Game of Laser Tag, 1 Bumper Car ride, 1 trip on Rock Wall and Bungee Trampoline, Paintball Target Range and a $4.50 Game Card

*VIP bands are available when outdoor activities are open, and may vary by season/weather/staffing, and other operational considerations.

Save with a
combination package!

Roller Skating


Will you choose traditional "quad" skates or try your hand at inline skates? We have a rental fleet of both, however, the inlines go faaaast! Our skating floor is constructed of gorgeous maple, and is complimented by state of the art lighting effects! Fun for all ages.

Prices and times vary. See skating hours and pricing tab for details.

Laser Tag

Mission: Tag members of the opposing team with laser beams in the designated arena. Extreme lighting effects make this game of tag a real challenge. Game is played with shoes or socks, no skates.


Suitable for most ages. May be intimidating for small children (they may be escorted by parent). Fog and Strobe lights are used.


Open during all public skating hours. See skating hours tab for details.



Redemption Arcade


Win as many tickets as you can and redeem for prizes! A great selection of redemption merchandise is constantly updated. Redeem tickets for prizes, or save them for a future visit and the big stuff! We have the latest in motion driving games, VR games.


Open during all public skating hours. See skating hours tab for details.

Bumper Cars

Bump and spin as much as possible during the ride! Cars can spin at 60 rotations per minute or you can just full on bump. The bumper car floor has its own lighting effects. Riders must be a least 44 inches tall to ride. One person per car. This attraction can be used with shoes or socks, no skates. Strobe lights and fog are used in this activity.

Open during all public skating hours. See skating hours tab for details.



Gem Mining

Sieving for Treasures

Enjoy the waterfall while mining for Gemstones, Emeralds, Fossils, etc.

Fun for all ages!

Prices vary depending on mining rough selected.

This activity is brand new, and opening date TBD

Bungee Trampoline

This outdoor attraction features two bungee trampolines, allowing you to jump up to 22 feet! Rider must be between 40 - 250 lbs.


$5.00 Trampoline  /  $7.00 if combined with Outdoor Rockwall

Hours: Saturdays 12:30pm-8:00pm

Outdoor Rockwall

This outdoor attraction features a 26 foot rock wall, ring the buzzer when you get to the top! Rider must be between 40 - 250 lbs. Waiver required.

Shoes are recommended, but not required.


$4.00 (rock climb)  / $7.00 if combined with the Bungee Trampoline

Hours: Saturdays 12:30pm-8:00pm



This is a 4 person trampoline basketball. Jump as high as you can, and score a point on your opponent. Make sure you jump high to block the return volley.  Rider must be under 300 lbs.

Socks are required.


$4.00 (unlimited turns until closing, turns limited to 5 minutes when others are waiting). 

Hours: Saturdays 12:30pm-8:00pm



gyroscope noun (gy·ro·scope) A mechanical or optical device used to maintain orientation during motion. A mechanical gyroscope consists of a rapidly spinning wheel set in a framework that permits it to tilt freely in any direction or to rotate about any axis. Simulate the weightlessness and tumble experienced in outer space right here in the Hudson Valley!


Must be at least 48" tall, and under 250 lbs.

Hours: Saturdays (hours may vary)

$5.00 per ride

Paintball and Paintball Target Range

Paintball Target Range

$3.00 for 50 shots

Target Range Hours: Satudays 12:30pm-8:00pm (renovations complete soon, opening date TBD)


All paintball games are by reservation. Give us a call to book your group. See Action Paintball tab for details.

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